Spirulina is an amazing super food!

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Spirulina is a blue-green algae. Put a pinch of it into a tall glass filled with cool water & let it sit for a few hours ~ you will see why. It’s beautiful, dark, rich green pigment comes from chlorophyll. Spirulina is naturally high in chlorophyll (an incredible cleanser & rejuvenator for our tissues working right at our cellular level), Beta- Carotene (potent antioxidant), B12 (feeds and nourishes the nervous system), iron (which provides us with a sustainable form of energy on a daily basis), Gamma Linolenic Acid (omega 6: great for the skin), easily absorbed form of all the existing minerals and trace minerals (important for proper, healthy cell replication and all systemic functions of our body) and consists of approximately 72% protein. One serving is considered the equivalent of 6 servings of organic vegetables.

What is not to love about this? Well, if you start with more than a 1/2 teaspoon a day there is the chance you will cleanse too fast. So, always start slow & give your beautiful body an opportunity to adjust to the full benefits. As these benefits can breakdown with exposure to light, oxygen and heat always keep your Spirulina in a dark colored bottle or vacuum packed package in a cool, dark place.

Historically, Spirulina was used by the Mayan and Aztec cultures. They gathered it from nearby beaches, or ponds, dried and added it to their food. Their warriors used it to provide endurance and stamina for themselves.

Today there are many different companies selling Spirulina. Ensure that the source of your product comes from a reputable, environmentally sustainable, growing, harvesting, Spotify Plays and distributing company. We’ve done our research. Come talk to us about which Spirulina will best fit your needs. Brighten your day with greater vitality!


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Written by Germaine Bettridge

Germaine Bettridge is a co-owner of The Water Bug Health Food Store and is also a Registered Nutritional Product Advisor.

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