Our Story

It’s hard to believe that so many years have passed since my mom, Inge Englehart and her partner Eldon Tomlinson first opened The Water Bug in 1992, in a tiny little store not far from where we’re located today.

Inge was very passionate about helping people and was ahead of her time in so many ways. Although I had another job back so long ago, I would still go into the store and help my mom, working on weekends and re-arranging her desk…which drove her crazy!

It was a family affair with the help of my sister Helena and brother-in-law Richard. My best friend Germaine used to visit the store on Saturdays and eat all of her healthy snacks!

Realizing they needed more space, Inge and Eldon moved the store to our current location in the Northgate Plaza in 1994. She was not able to enjoy the fruits of their labour, as sadly, she passed away in April of 1995. Determined to keep her legacy alive, my best friend and now business partner Germaine and I, took a leap of faith and purchased the store from Eldon in 1997.  We’ve been enjoying the journey ever since…we think she would be proud.