Our Team

Natalie & Germaine

Co-Owners and Registered Nutritional Product Advisors

Knowledge is very important to us. Everyone on our team are either Certified in Natural Health Fundamentals or are Registered Nutritional Products Advisors. We also have team members that are certified in Applied and Holistic Nutrition as well as a Chartered Herbalist and Certified Fitness Trainer.

We are very fortunate to have such an amazing team! Everyone plays an important role in helping us keep the store running smoothly, from providing excellent customer service to keeping the shelves fully stocked. We value each and every staff member for their contribution to The Water Bug. We know we couldn’t do it without them!


Chartered Herbalist
Nutritional Consulting Practitioner
Registered Nutritional Product Advisor
Breast Health Educator

I was born with a hole in my heart and without my pulmonary valve. My life’s journey is always about learning as much as I can to heal and empower myself to live each day - body, mind, and spirit with optimal health and an attitude of gratitude.

What I most love about my job is the opportunity to meet and help so many people by sharing the knowledge I continue to learn about caring for myself with them.

I stay healthy with the healing movements & meditations of Kundalini Yoga, Belly Dance, walking, chanting, breathing, my heart’s Resonance Energy and nurturing my body with high nutrient dense foods and supplements.



Certified Fitness Trainer
Registered Nutritional Product Advisor

I have been with the Water Bug Health Food Store since the year 2000. I am a Registered Nutritional Product Advisor and a Certified Fitness Trainer. I bring my expertise in sports and performance nutrition to the store.

My experience working at the Water Bug goes hand in hand with fitness and nutrition. I am able to help others reach better physical fitness from the inside out. Working at the store also allows me to stay on top of new products introduced into the fitness industry as well as other products to help individuals stay healthy in general.

I stay healthy by working out and walking my dog. I also take products that we carry at the store to keep my immune system strong all year.


Registered Nutritional Product Advisor

I have been with The Water Bug since 2003. I love how the store feels like it has its own sense of community and co-workers feel more like a second family.

When I’m not working, you’ll probably find me with a book in my hand. I’m hoping that reading one book per week, as well as taking my vitamins, will help keep my brain sharp. I use my recumbent bike to try to stay fit but my favorite exercise is chasing my son for hugs and kisses 1000 times per day!


Registered Nutritional Product Advisor

Being a part of The Water Bug family since 2005 has allowed me, in my own way, to take pride in my work. To take that extra step and go that extra mile. Over this time I have been able to hone my customer service skills, while studying "all" things related to health food. Every day is a new and exciting learning experience at The Water Bug!

Those of you who know me, know that I LOVE to eat. My stomach rules all. My love of food is equal to my love for the best, purest, most natural ingredients, which is how I stay healthy. What I can't grow myself comes mostly from local farms & family owned Canadian businesses, whose objective is putting only the best on our tables.


Certified in Natural Health Fundamentals

I have been a proud member of The Water Bug family since 2007. Some people call me the “Display Queen” as I bring my artistic flare to the store!

I enjoy staying healthy by tapping into my creative and metaphysical side with painting, photography, dance, meditation and energy work.


Certified in Holistic Nutrition

We are happy to welcome back Caterina!


Certified in Natural Health Fundamentals

My 35 year passion of Practical Herbalism and having a deep appreciation for the medicinal plants right under our feet is really what brought me to The Water Bug Health Food Store. Being a customer for many years I was so honored and excited when I was asked to join the team in 2013! I love that I have the opportunity each day to further my education, to work with the most amazing customers, staff and the owners Natalie and Germaine. They have become my second family, I am truly blessed to work here!

I stay healthy by having a close and loving relationship with my family. I grow a large vegetable and herb garden with my father every year, so we eat and juice a ton of greens and fresh veggies. Adding in vitamins and supplements have really changed my life, but the odd time I sneak in some fries from under the bridge. Hey, it’s all about balance right! A second degree black belt from Bluewater Tae Kwon Do, Zumba (aka dance party), Piloxing at The Studio and the love of the great outdoors keeps me in shape!


Certified in Natural Health Fundamentals
Certified Cosmetician

I have been part of The Water Bug family since 2013 and have to say it has been a total life changer for me. I have been passionate about health and fitness my whole life, but since working in this incredible environment, I have been given the privilege of really educating myself on nutrition, and through that, advance my knowledge on alternative health care.

I truly believe in holistic nutrition and my goal each day is to empower and educate our customers, improving their health with the use of nutrient dense foods, natural supplementation and lifestyle suggestions.

I love physical activity and what appeals to me is the variety of ways one can stay fit. From activities such as Zumba, to kayaking and even playing paintball, having fun is always part of the equation when it comes to my health.


Certified in Natural Health Fundamentals

I am one of the newest members of the amazing Water Bug Family. I have an educational background in Holistic Nutrition and am very grateful for the opportunity to continue to learn new things everyday within the ever-evolving Health Industry.

I stay healthy by nourishing both my body and my soul. I enjoy getting creative in the kitchen with vegan and vegetarian foods, doing yoga, biking and walking my dog.


Certified in Natural Health Fundamentals, In Progress

Being one of the owner’s daughters I was born into The Water Bug family and have grown up learning all about the health food industry. Since I have been surrounded with a natural approach to life, I’ve become very interested in taking care of my body.

I have been involved in Tae Kwon Do for six years and that has kept me motivated to stay healthy. Every day I learn more and more from the amazing team at The Water Bug and I look forward to learning so much more!